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From theater and live events to Houses of Worship and more, our lighting solutions are engineered to meet unique needs, setting new standards in innovation and illumination.

Illuminating Sacred Space:
Solutions for Worship Lighting

elektraLite understands the unique lighting needs for Houses of Worship. Our solutions blend reverence with spectacle, ensuring every service is bathed in light that enhances the spiritual experience. From subtle, ambient lighting to dynamic displays for special events, our fixtures are designed to respect and elevate the sanctity of these spaces.

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Curious to see elektraLite fixtures in action? Dive into real-world stories where our lighting solutions have turned ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. From dazzling theater shows to awe-inspiring events, see for yourself how elektraLite is setting the stage for brilliance.

elektraLite Gives Kings Theatre the Royal Treatment
Like a mythical phoenix reemerging from the ashes, Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre, a glorious French-influenced baroque style movie palace that first opened in 1929 as the Loew’s Kings Theatre and closed in 1977, recently roared back to life with a majestic concert by Diana Ross in February.
Sky Zone Trampoline Parks
A couple of nights a week at select Sky Zone Trampoline Parks, the main lights are switched off—and new elektraLite eyeBall UV fixtures are turned on—for an event called “Glow” where participants wear neon clothing and bring or buy glowing swag items to engage in the interactive games at the park in the dark.
Round1 Bowling
For Cosmic Bowling night, house lights go dark and the lanes beckon bowlers inan electrifying glow of colored beams, with spinning gobo patterns swirling around the space. To achieve this, Round One Entertainment, owner of the upscale Round1 bowling and amusement center chain, is currently installing elektraLite’s newly released ML-902 LED moving profile spot fixture into all of its US locations to electrify the night.

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