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elektraLite specializes in designing and engineering lighting products that fill gaps in the market. We are out in the field continually asking designers, users, and integrators for their input on what is needed. We put great emphasis on the reliability of our products, so we ensure that parts are procured from only the best manufacturers from around the world.

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What makes us shine

elektraLite designs and manufactures a diverse range of lighting fixtures and effects, which are available worldwide. Since the early 1990s, elektraLite’s fixtures have been reliably making tours, installations, studios and other professional environments a brighter place for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

The lighting line began by initially distributing various products but what the division lacked was a simple to use moving light controller. One of the original founders, Norman Wright, designed the first of a series of controllers and they were sold under the name elektraLite. With the success of the controllers in the early 2000s, it became evident that the design and manufacturing of stage lighting fixtures would be the way forward.

Today, the division has grown in size and popularity among lighting designers and integrators, encompassing installations for a wide range of venues including stages, houses of worship, museums, theme parks, and much more.

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Where Innovation Meets Illumination

From theater and live events to Houses of Worship and more, our lighting solutions are engineered to meet unique needs, setting new standards in innovation and illumination.

Illuminating Sacred Space:
Solutions for Worship Lighting

elektraLite understands the unique lighting needs for Houses of Worship. Our solutions blend reverence with spectacle, ensuring every service is bathed in light that enhances the spiritual experience. From subtle, ambient lighting to dynamic displays for special events, our fixtures are designed to respect and elevate the sanctity of these spaces.

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