Stingray Profile Cast RGBW
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Stingray Profile Cast RGBW
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The Stingray Profile Cast RGBW boasts a powerful 350W COB LED with high CRI, delivering deep primary colors and even color mixing. It offers variable white temperature and precise beam control with interchangeable lenses. Controlled via DMX for ease of use, it is ideal for public spaces, classrooms, studios, and more.

Color Variations


Light Engine

Single 350W COB LED Emitter

Zoom Range

5 - 50º Interchangeable Lenses


Manual Focus & Shutters

Product Features
Stingray Profile Cast RGBW Highlights
  • Single COB 350 watt LED RGBW
  • 100% no step dimming and no pop at the beginning or end of the dimming curve
  • Aluminum monocoque design
  • Easy to use display Menus for DMX/RDM or manual static control.
  • W component starts at 3200k
  • Powercon in and out, 5pin XLRs in and out.
  • New LCD touch screen

The elektraLite Stingray 350w RGBW brings the latest led technology incorporating extreme power with a 350watt COB LED and a CRI of 95.

The COB single source led is far superior to any multi source led, not only by its power and efficiency, but also because it can render perfect cuts when using barn doors.
The elektraLite Stingray 350w RGBW’s colors are evenly matched to give not only deep crisp primary colors but also even color mixing which ensures perfect pastels.
The W component is at 3200k color temperature for perfect tones and can be adjusted to produce other temperatures.

The fixture sophisticated proprietary diffraction lensing system has interchangeable lenses with 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° beam spreads.

There is also available two zoom lens tubes : 12-30 degrees and 25-50 degrees. Apart from perfect flat field, the Stingray 350w RGBW has four independent shutter blades which render perfect in‐focus cuts to the beam.
A quick 360° rotating barrel allows for the shutters to be in any position. The barrel’s quick release allows for easy cleaning of lenses.

The Stingray 350w RGBW’s all aluminum rugged design and 400 watt output makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of public spaces including classrooms, galleries, worship spaces, event spaces, live entertainment, broadcast, and film studios.

A simple to use onboard control interface through an LCD touch screen display, allows for easy manual control and thus console-free static operation.

The Stingray 350w RGBW has 5pin XLR connectors for both in and thru control using DMX/RDM.
A single yoke, safety eye bolt and safety cable are included. Industry standard Powercon in and out connectors allow quick connection and daisy chaining of fixtures.

Power Consumption: 450 watts (3.75A)

Electrical: Multi-voltage; AC 100-250V – 50/60Hz

Housing: Aluminum monocoque design

Materials: Corrosion-resistant hardware

Yoke: Rigid flat steel

Light Engine: Single 350W COB LED emitter (RGBW)

Refresh Rate: Variable

CRI: 95

Optics / Lensing(s): Variable PC lensing

Control: Manual from the back of the fixture or via DMX-512 (in and thru) using a 5-pin XLR connector

Certifications: ETL listed

Physical Dimensions:

  • Length: 24″ (611mm)
  • Width: 7″ (173mm)
  • Height: 12.5″ (315mm)

Weight: 23.1 lbs / 10.5 kgs

Each fixture includes the following accessories:

  • (1) Safety cable
  • (1) Yoke
  • (1) Powercon input cable to edison connector. Powercon output connector.

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