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The DataAir is a compact, plug-and-play wireless DMX system ideal for indoor/outdoor venues, temporary stages, and architectural lighting. It supports up to seven simultaneous networks for up to seven DMX universes, ensuring maximum control with ease.

Product Features
DataAir Highlights
  • Plug‐and‐play technology is ready to use out of the box; additional features and options configurable with only a few pushes of a single hidden button
  • Up to seven distinct networks available for transmitting multiple universes of DMX wirelessly
    1,500 feet approx. range for complete coverage of your DMX-controlled equipment
  • Highly‐effective GFSK modulation design with 126 channels of self‐adjusting frequency for enhanced network protection providing a high level of anti‐jamming security
  • Signal data is real time, eliminating delay when transmitting
    Low profile form factor for use in a diverse array of applications, including portable locations and exterior enclosures where hardwire data is difficult or impossible
    Use multiple receivers with only one transmitter for maximum coverage with minimum hardware
  • Low‐profile design allows for maximum portability, quick storage, and easy installation

Designed intentionally to be low-profile and quick to use, the elektraLite DataAir is no larger than a ballpoint pen, and is simply plug-and-play ready, requiring only the power supply to operate. A 5-pin connector plugs right into the input or output (depending on transmitting or receiving data), and is configured with a simple onboard LED color display. Additionally, the system is configurable with up to seven individual wireless networks working simultaneously without interference from each other, allowing for up to seven DMX universes to be utilized for maximum control.

Ideal for all types of venues, the elektraLite DataAir is perfect for performance spaces both indoor and outdoor, as well as temporary stages, architectural and portable lighting applications, and exterior enclosures in hard-to-reach places.

Display: Tricolor LED Display (transmitter), Tricolor LED Display (receiver)

DMX Signal Port: 5-pin XLR DMX female receptacle (Tx), 5-pin XLR DMX male receptacle (Rx)

Input Voltage: 5VDC 500mA MIN

Power Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.2A Max

Power Output: 9V = 0.5A

Communication Distance: 1,500 feet approx.

Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM Band with GFSK Modulation (126 channels automatically jumping frequency), including anti-jamming ability to ensure working reliability

Transmission Bandwidth: 2.400-2.525GHz

Operating Temperature: -20°C-45°C, 10%-90%RH

Receiver Sensitivity: -106dBm

Materials: Corrosion-proof aluminum & ABS plastic

Ratings/Certifications: IP65 (transmitter/receiver), IP20 (power supply)

Physical Dimensions: L 4″ W 1″ H 8.5″

Weight: 0.3 lbs / 0.13 Kgs

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