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Designed to be compact and efficient, the new elektraLite SLA Retina is a hard-working mini LED lighting fixture ideal for every designers’ toolbox.

Based on a trio of the new high-powered CREE 15-watt quad LED’s, the RGBW LED’s are brighter than ever, and deliver more than 1,400 lumens in just a small 5” hexagon package. With a 25 degree beam spread, the SLA Retina provides ample coverage in its range, while still allowing for highlighting and Fresnel-like spot coverage of close applications.

Intended for durability, the elektraLite SLA Retina is rated for outdoor use with an IP65 rating.  Additionally, the fixture uses IP68 cable connectivity, because we know that sometimes things get wet, and occasionally your cables will end up in a puddle.  To add to its durability, the SLA Retina uses UV-stabilized cable that can take both harsh coastal sunlight and high altitude intensity.

Originally designed as a “Show Lighting Accent” (SLA) fixture, the elektraLite SLA Retina is purposefully small in size to be hidden in corners, coves, set-pieces, scenery, and in portable stage applications. Additionally, because the fixture is outdoor-rated, placement in planters, rooftops, eaves, holiday displays, and every other imaginable application where low-power / high-output lighting is necessary.

The SLA comes standard with two individual yoke arms which allow the fixture to be hung from above, permanently mounted to a surface, or placed on the ground. The height of the yoke stands maybe individually adjusted for maximum flexibility. Other yoke arm types are available. The fixture is also ETL certified for peace of mind.


  • Quad LED technology; utilizing three 15-watt quad LED’s
  • Compact design fits perfectly in set pieces and scenery, plus with the IP65 rating, ideal for planters, rooftops, and a diverse use of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Flicker-free on camera operation
  • A flush ceiling ring adapter can be purchased for mounting in the fixture in a hard ceiling
  • RGBW quad LED’s, including 5600K white, for crisp, bright, balanced white light
  • Fixture can be locked in multiple formats to create an array, including straight line, hexagonal, or triangular shapes. Using them in these formats gives the designer greater flexibility and coverage.
  • Manual operation in either a static look or with in-built programs, or control via DMX to produce your own custom program

Power Consumption           – 55 watts (0.46A)

Electrical                              ‐ multi‐voltage; AC 100‐250V – 50/60Hz PG7 power (in and thru) connectors

Housing                              ‐ black anodized aluminum

Materials                             ‐ corrosion resistant hardware

Yoke                                     ‐ rigid flat steel

Light Engine                        ‐ three 15-watt quad LED emitters

Refresh Rate                        ‐ >800Hz

CRI                                        ‐ 91

Optics / Lensing(s)              ‐ Diffraction Lensing

Control                                ‐ DMX‐512A (in and thru) via 5‐pin XLR

Certifications                       – ETL listed


Physical – L 5.75″ W 4.5″ H 5″

Weight – 1.3 lbs / 0.6 Kgs


Each fixture includes the following accessories:

  • (2) 120° swivel trunnion / mounting foot / wall bracket (2) 9” integrated power cable with IP68 connector [in and thru – 1M / 1F]
  • (2) 9” integrated power cable with IP68 connector [in and thru – 1M / 1F]
  • (2) 9” integrated data cable with IP68 connector [in and thru – 1M / 1F]
  • (1) 12” Edison to IP68 connector Power Adapter (ELE724-AP)
  • (1) 12” 5-pin DMX to IP68 connector Data Adapter (ELE724-AD)

Product manual available upon request. Please email elektralitesupport@g1limited.com


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