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elektraBar | 18-12w 6-in-1 LEDs


A powerful full-featured indoor linear strip, the elektraLite Elektrabar Mini is ready to bring rich vibrant color at a professional level. At the heart of the elektraLite ElektraBar are eighteen powerful 12‐watt 6‐in‐1 LED’s, consisting of a red, green, blue, white, amber, and indigo component.

The elektraLite elektraBar is designed to deliver rich, vibrant colors you expect from an LED fixture, while still providing true, brilliant, tunable white. By mixing color internally, the ElektraBar’s sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, single‐color output. Because of this, the white is tunable with the amber and white LED components, and the color range for pastel and deep blues and purples is intensified with the indigo component. Ideal for all alrge surfaces, the ElektraBar is ready for action and performance reliability in any environment.


  • LED technology; utilizing eighteen 12‐watt 6‐IN‐1 LED’s
  •  rich, vivid red, blue, green and white, with added amber for true white color toning, and indigo for pastel blending and well‐rounded color saturation
  • trunions allow for floor mount as well as surface mounting with adjustable 120 degree swivel
  • sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, single‐color output
  • available glare shield for beam control and rough focusing

Each fixture includes the following accessories:

  • TBC


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