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The remarkable CP20xt is designed for both club and live situations.
With up to 512 DMX channels, 960 cues, 96 chases, 48 macros and 96 positional focuses on-board, this controller has ample power. And, to ensure that this power is controllable, all of these features can be accessed in an instant via just 24 buttons which provide direct access to fixtures, colors, gobos, and any other feature designated by the operator. It works DIMMERS too !!!
The CP20xt is supplied in console format with onboard floppy disk drive (for show back-ups and operating system upgrades) and hand crafted fine grain beech surround



  • DMX controller for both moving fixtures and conventional dimmers.
  • Hot keys for instant access to fixtures, cues, chases and macros.
  • Instant access to individual features such as color and gobos.
  • Instant access to any special features such as rotating prisms.
  • Movement control through on-board joystick or external outboard device (such as mouse, trackball or touch-pad).
  • Fine and coarse control.
  • Large easy to read display.
  • 24 channels per fixture.
  • 24 fixtures maximum.
  • Control of all 512 DMX channels.
  • Softpatch capability for channel patching board to output.
  • 96 positional focuses.
  • Audio input with tempo adjust button.
  • 8 Sub-masters with flash bump buttons for hands-on control.
  • 960 Cues, 96 Chases and 48 Macros.
  • Cues can have variable timed cross-fades while chase speeds are fully variable.
  • Library of fixtures. Ability to ‘make-your-own’ fixture or customization of fixtures.
  • Software upgrades can be downloaded from the web and uploaded into the board.
  • 3 pin XLR connector for CAE Littlite.
  • CP-20 easy programming style similar to CP-10xt.
  • Backup of board through internal 3.5” drive.
  • 3 & 5 pin XLRs.
  • Console styled by Kisska Design, London.
  • Console surround hand crafted in fine grain beech wood


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