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CP16/24 | Universal Moving Light Controller


CP16 / 24 – A Small Package with a Powerful Punch
The CP16 / 24 is a universal moving light controller and big brother to the renowned CP10xt, the work horse of many club designs the world over. But whereas the CP10XT offers control of 16 x 8-channel fixtures, the all new CP16 / 24 offer control of the very largest fixtures with it’s 16 x 24-channel capability (that’s a whopping 384 DMX channels).
The CP16/24 is capable of not only programming a wide variety of different manufacturers’ intelligent moving fixtures through the use of extensive libraries but it now has new library entries for customizing the CP16/24 to easily control fixtures not already in the library. It will also control dimmers, color changers – in fact, virtually any device that utilizes DMX protocol.
Retaining the ease of programming which made the CP10XT such a worldwide success, it takes only seconds to learn how to enter a cue, create a chase, and construct a macro. Manual control of any individual or multiple fixtures can be done at any time even while a pre-programmed show is playing.
Other features include: auto-masking, timed crossfade, and coarse or fine joystick control. The user also has the added ability to turn the joystick from absolute to relative position control, providing accurate positioning of moving lights.
To enhance creativity, a MIDI port is provided which allows control of the CP 16/24 remotely from another MIDI device such as a keyboard. The MIDI port also allows CP16/24’s to be linked, and to download or upload complete memory content to a 3.5” disk, for example.
The CP16/ 24 is supplied with an external power supply which is UL listed and C.S.A. approved. It is available in either 110 – 115 volt or 230 volt ratings



  • 384 DMX channels.
  • Midi Upload, Download and Link.
  • 210 programmable cues.
  • 99 chases each with up to 99 programmable steps.
  • 50 programmable macros.
  • Sound chase control input.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • 5 pin and 3 pin XLR connectors included.
  • Memory lock. To protect the show from unauthorized changes in a programmed show
  • Board lock. All functions can be lock out from any unauthorized person playing with the controller.
  • Auto playback of macros or chases upon power up of the CP16 / 24, making it ideal for installations where no one will be present to run the CP16 / 24.
  • Full on-line edit: For direct control and quick and simple modification.
  • Single function dedicated switches: For quick learning and ease of use.
  • Erase functions: For global and selective deletion.
  • Simple softpatching capability.
  • Ability to change channel modes from crossfade to “Snap Before” or “Snap After”.
  • Complies with F.C.C. Part 15, Class A: Canadian interference regulations and C.E. conformity.


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