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Burst Strobe | (336) 0.5W Cool White (7,200K) LED Strobe


The elektraLite Burst Strobe is a strongly powerful LED strobe designed for both intensity and digital effects.

With 336 half‐watt LED’s, the elektraLite Burst Strobe is a powerful fixture. Designed with cool 7,200K diodes, this strobe light has a wide 120 degree beam angle, allowing for wide coverage with less fixtures. The half‐watt diode allows for quicker cooling and more impact, as well as effects.

The elektraLite Burst Strobe has built‐in features, including eight rings of LED diodes for hypnotic effects. Pulse, random, and scatter settings allow for a wide variety of strobe, lightning and electrical effects. Additionally, individual control of each of the eight rings, allows for shape effects as well as hypnotic and intensity rush effects.

A powerful, well‐rounded LED effects fixture with a rugged design, the elektraLite Burst Strobe is a double‐duty workhorse, ready to bring rich, bright white light to a wide variety of public spaces including stages, classrooms, galleries, worship spaces, studios, event spaces, live event, and production environments.

A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options including master/slave, DMX, simple‐strobe, and console‐free static operation. The elektraLite Burst Strobe has 5‐pin XLR DMX connectors (both in and thru). With a convenient, strong double‐yoke included standard, mounting options are limitless.



  • 336 half‐watt cool white (7,200K) LED’s for diversity of coverage,built‐in effects options, and maximum cooling desirability
  • built‐in and configurable effects, including PULSE, RANDOM, SCATTER, HYPNOTIC, and RING CHASE
  • clean, flicker‐free on camera operation
  • strong double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging
  • variable adjustable speed strobe effect
  • wide‐angle 120 degree beam spread for maximum coverage capabilities
  • can be run in stand‐alone or master/slave configuration, with or without a control source, for fast, effective, and efficient operation
  • double‐slot gel frame holder and accessory slot with clip built‐in

Each fixture includes the following accessories:

  • (1) double‐yoke

  • (1) 24” integrated power cable with Edison connector


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