elektraLite Survive Superstorm Sandy

On Monday 29th October the East Coast of the USA was hit by hurricane Sandy which caused massive damage in particular to the Shoreline of New Jersey and New York. This area includes where we all reside namely Long Island. Luckily, no one in our company was injured however some have had catastophic damage to […]

Quality Assured

In an era where we are all constantly bombarded with emails showing lighting products from Asian markets, it is difficult to “see” what is good versus what is questionable. The pitfalls are many and varied but here are a few samples…

Just 14 Dazer RGBs From 85ft

See how Ivan Burketh of Burketh Enterprises, used Dazer 72 x VW and 4 x Pancake RGBW fixtures to light the inside of Alfred Street Church, Alexandria, Virginia