Quality Assured

In an era where we are all constantly bombarded with emails showing lighting products from Asian markets, it is difficult to “see” what is good versus what is questionable. The pitfalls are many and varied but here are a few samples…

  • Power supplies with inadequate power plus “reserve” to keep the product running.
  • Wiring too close to metal parts causing chaffing.
  • No fuse protection.
  • No thermal protection.
  • No ground protection.
  • Internal metal bulkheads and support too thin or wrong type of material.
  • LEDs not matched for consistency.
  • LEDs with different color shifts after warm up.
  • Internal fans inadequate for hot environments.
  • Lack of internal rigidity causing fixture to “rattle apart” when trucked “on-the-road”.
  • Availability of spare parts in months to come that are compatible with purchased fixtures.
  • Lack of thermal management for the LEDs.

At elektraLite, with our new range of LED products under the elektraLite LED pro line name, we have taken great care to manufacture reliable and safe products.

So why take the risk that a dollar saved now, will cost you a lot more than just a dollar when you open Pandora’s box!