Stingray Profile
Stingray Profile

ELE823 Stingray Profile

The elektraLite Stingray Profile brings clean, warm white light in an incomparable level of intensity for its range.

At the heart of the Stingray Profile is a newly designed 300 watt COB LED. With a balanced 3,200K color temperature, and a CRI of 95, the ellipsoidal WW provides the same clean, rich, beautiful white light audiences have grown accustomed to, making the Stingray Profile perfect for any
show or event. The built‐in accessory clip and included color frame allow for diffusion and color media to be used.

The Stingray Profile’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of light in a variety of beam spreads. The interchangeable lens tube give the user 26°, 36°, or 50° beam spreads. Four independent shutter blades give perfect in‐focus cuts to the beam.

A powerful, well‐rounded LED lighting fixture with a rugged design, the Stingray Profile is a workhorse, ready to bring rich, bright white light to a wide variety of public spaces including stages, classrooms, galleries, worship spaces, studios, event spaces, live event, and production environments.

A very simple to use onboard control interface allows for easy control by either DMX or console‐free static operation. The Stingray Profile has 5‐pin XLR DMX connectors (both in and thru). A single yoke, safety eye bolt and safety cable is included. Power is via industry standard Powercon in and
out connectors allowing for quick daisy chaining of the fixtures.

A quick rotating and release of the barrel allows lens and shutters to be easily cleaned. Exclusive “cool to touch” housing features rotating barrel assembly, rear handle, pattern holder slot, and four shutter blades for perfect infocus beam cuts.

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    •  single COB 300 watt LED giving rich consistent warm white at a balanced 3,200K color temperature for true theatrical white light with no hot spot.
    • 100% no step dimming and no pop or bump at beginning or end of dimming curve.
    • 19 degree lens installed. Available 26, 36 and 50 lens tubes with no chromatic aberration. Also fits existing lens tubes from other manufacturers.
    • double slot gel frame holder with safety clip for accessories and supplied gel frame
    • exclusive “cool to touch” housing features rotating barrel assembly, rear handle, pattern holder slot, and four shutter blades for perfect in‐focus beam cuts.
    • easy to use display menus for DMX or static control
    • on/off switch and powercon in and out connectors, 5‐pin XLR connectors in and out

  • Each fixture includes the following accessories:

    • (1) single yoke
    • (1) safety cable
    • (1) gel frame
    • (1) adjustable 19 degree lens tube
    • (1) 24” Edison male to Powercon female power cable

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