1018 QUAD Outdoor
1018 QUAD Outdoor

ELE724 1018 QUAD Outdoor IP65

A powerful, well-rounded entertainment fixture, the elektraLite 1018 Outdoor is ready to bring rich vibrant color
to a strong white fixture.

At the heart of the elektraLite 1018 Outdoor are eighteen powerful 12-watt quad LED’s, consisting of a red, green, blue, and white component. The elektraLite 1018 Outdoor is designed to deliver rich, vibrant colors you expect from an LED fixture, while still providing true, brilliant white. By mixing color internally, the 1018 Outdoor’s sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, singlecolor output. Because of this, the white is perfectly blended and balanced at 5,600K, so as not to emit a blue-white so often seen in LED fixtures.

By having true white built in to the LED emitter, and because it carries the IP65 wet location rating, the elektraLite 1018 Outdoor is ideal for a wide variety of entertainment spaces including outdoor stages, outdoor galleries and gardens, exterior architecture features, and location shooting.

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    • Quad LED technology; utilizing eighteen 12‐watt quad LEDs
    • Rich, vivid red, blue, and green color saturation
    • Clean, bright 5,600K white light
    • Flicker‐free on camera operation
    • Strong double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging
    • Variable adjustable speed strobe effect
    • Sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, single‐color output
    • Up to eight fixtures can be connected on one 20A circuit, and can be run in stand‐alone or master/slave configuration, all with or without a control source, for fast, effective, and efficient operation
    • Thermal protection and cooling built‐in
    • Standard IP68 outdoor waterproof connectors for both power and data, allowing for reliable operation in all conditions

  • Power consumption 200 watts (1.9A)
    Electrical ‐ multi‐voltage AC 100‐240V – 50/60Hz
    Housing black aluminum
    Materials corrosion resistant hardware
    Yoke rigid flat steel
    Light engine eighteen 12‐watt quad LED emitters
    Refresh rate >400Hz
    CRI 88
    Optics / Lensing(s) Diffraction Lensing
    Control DMX‐512A (in and thru) via 5‐pin XLR
    Ratings / Certifications IP65 (wet location)


    Physical Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
    Height Length Width Height Length Width
    9.5″ 12″ 9.5″ 14″ 14″ 11″


    Weight Shipping Weight
    lbs kgs lbs kgs
    20.2 9.2 25.0 11.3

  • Accessories included with each 1018 Outdoor are as follows:
    • (1) double‐yoke
    • (2) 36” integrated power cable with IP68 connector [in and thru – 1M / 1F]
    • (2) 36” integrated data cable with IP68 connector [in and thru – 1M / 1F]
    • (1) 12” Edison to IP68 connector Power Adapter
    • (1) 12” 5‐pin DMX to IP68 connector Data Adapter
    • (1) 16’ power extension cable with 3‐pin IP68 connectors [M>F]
    • (1) 16’ data extension cable with 3‐pin IP68 connectors [M>F]

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