ELE7XX Dazer
36-5W Single Source LEDs

The Dazer family of LED lighting fixtures are engineered at an incomparable level of intensity for its range. At the heart of the ElektraLite Dazer are thirty-six powerful 5-watt LED’s. Its rugged design allows the Dazer to be a workhorse in stage, studio, live event, production, installation, and architectural environments.

The Dazer’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of color in a variety of beam spreads. In fact, included with each fixture are four interchangeable optics, giving the flexibility of 15°, 25°, 40°, and 60° beam spreads. Available in Warm White (3,200K), Cool White (7,200K), Variable White (2,700K-7,200K), Theatrical White (3,200K-5,600K), and RGB, there is a powerful Dazer fixture to meet every application.

eyeBall Architectural 18-3W LEDs
eyeBall Architectural 18-3W LEDs

ELE726/7 eyeBall Architectural 18-3W LEDs

The elektraLite eyeBall Architectural is uniquely designed to provide high output of clean, quality white light in a compact design.

A powerful fixture in a compact body, the elektraLite eyeBall Architectural is ready to solve your solutions both big and small. At the heart of the elektraLite eyeBall Architectural are eighteen 3‐watt LED’s, consisting of either warm 3,200K or cool 5,600K light.

Designed for applications where clean, crisp white light is desired, the eyeBall Architectural is ideal for museum exhibits, showrooms, and retail applications.

With a convenient and compact strong double‐yoke, mounting options are limitless. A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, including strobe, and console‐free master/slave operation. Plug‐and‐play functionality is built
right in!

The eyeBall Architectural has both power in and thru for easy “daisy chaining”, and includes an interconnect jumper cable. The DMX connectors (both in and thru) are 5‐pin XLR, however 3>5 pin and 5>3 pin turnarounds are provided for maximum flexibility.