elektraLite Burst Strobe

ELE772 Burst Strobe
(336) 0.5W Cool White (7,200K) LED Strobe

The elektraLite Burst Strobe is a strongly powerful LED strobe designed for both intensity and digital effects.

With 336 half‐watt LED’s, the elektraLite Burst Strobe is a powerful fixture. Designed with cool 7,200K diodes, this strobe light has a wide 120 degree beam angle, allowing for wide coverage with less fixtures. The half‐watt diode allows for quicker cooling and more impact, as well as effects.

The elektraLite Burst Strobe has built‐in features, including eight rings of LED diodes for hypnotic effects. Pulse, random, and scatter settings allow for a wide variety of strobe, lightning and electrical effects. Additionally, individual control of each of the eight rings, allows for shape effects as well as hypnotic and intensity rush effects.

A powerful, well‐rounded LED effects fixture with a rugged design, the elektraLite Burst Strobe is a double‐duty workhorse, ready to bring rich, bright white light to a wide variety of public spaces including stages, classrooms, galleries, worship spaces, studios, event spaces, live event, and production environments.

A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options including master/slave, DMX, simple‐strobe, and console‐free static operation. The elektraLite Burst Strobe has 5‐pin XLR DMX connectors (both in and thru). With a convenient, strong double‐yoke included standard, mounting options are limitless.

ELE725 | eyeBall UV 18-3W LEDs

ELE725/8 eyeBall UV 18-3W LEDs

A powerful fixture in a compact body, the ElektraLite eyeBall UV is ready to solve your solutions both big and small. More than a stage and cyc wash fixture, the ElektraLite eyeBall UV can also be used as a truss warmer or a shin kicker just as easily and effectively. The eyeBall UV is available in UV (385nm), offering a broad range of flexibility.

Impressive light output delivers incredible fluorescence at distances of more than 75 feet. Able to fit in tight spaces, and designed with a low profile for low ceiling applications, the eyeBall is ideally suited for integration into existing spaces and minimal space requirements for new projects. In addition to its small size, at less than five pounds the eyeBall is lightweight, allowing for more fixtures to be hung in a given space. With a convenient and compact strong double‐yoke, mounting options are limitless.

A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, static, strobe, and console‐free master/slave operation. Plug‐and‐play functionality is built right in! The eyeBall has both power in and thru for easy “daisy chaining”, and includes an interconnect jumper cable. The DMX connectors (both in and thru) are 5‐pin XLR, however, 3>5 pin and 5>3 pin turnarounds are provided for maximum flexibility.


ELE417 Turbohazer
Haze/fog machine

Introducing the elektraLite Turboazer fog machine – With full extruded aluminum panels, heavy-duty twin grab handles, circuit breaker protection, & industrial grade rubber feet, the Turbohazer fog machines is ruggedly designed for mobility.
Simple to use – just turn it on and set the output level required and you’re done!