Wireless Transmitter
Wireless Transmitter

ELE810 / ELE811 ELE810 / ELE811

The elektraLite DataAir brings wireless functionality to DMX distribution with easy plug‐and‐play convenience for fast and powerful control.

ELE79x DataFire

Designed specifically for the installation market, the elektraLite DataFire is intended to make hard‐wire DMX runs faster to install, as well as give more flexibility in the field.

Using a two‐piece terminal euroblock, installers can quickly run DMX cable from splitters and through conduit, and then easily adapt to a 5‐pin XLR connector to start a fixture data run using the elektraLite DataFire adapter.

The euroblock is a solderless connector that uses screw terminals to clamp connecting wires. Once the wires are installed, the entire assembly is plugged into a matching socket on the DMX cable. DataFire is more convenient than the terminal strips they replace as the signal cables can be quickly disconnected from or connected to the hard wire connection, rather than unscrewing and re‐screwing, or soldering, each wire individually.