Temecula Theater, California
Temecula Theater, California

Temecula Theater, California

The Old Town Temecula Community Theater is a contemporary, state-of-the-art proscenium theater in the heart of Old Town. The Theater is accessed on Main Street through the historic landmark Mercantile Building from the 1890’s and exemplifies the City of Temecula’s motto “Old Traditions, New Opportunities.”

The Old Town Temecula Community Theater features:

  • 361-seat Theater
  • Rehearsal Rooms/Classrooms
  • 80’ x 35’ Stage
  • Dance Studio
  • 36’ Wide Proscenium
  • Private and Group Dressing Rooms
  • Orchestra Pit
  • Courtyard
  • Balcony and Box Seats
  • Club-Style Performance Space/48-seats
  • Scene Shop


The theater recently equipped itself with a range of elektraLite fixtures including:

  • 17 x LXE700
  • 30 x Quad Pancakes
  • 10 x RGBW Pancakes
  • 6 x eyeKandys
  • 12 x eyeBalls


Bill Strawn – Theater Technical Supervisor
Erica Myers-Russo. — PR

Technical Support
John Deards
Travis Brown
Heather Willis

and design assistance provided by Steve Odehnal of Sacramento Theatrical Lighting http://www.stlltd.com/

For more details of the theater http://www.temeculatheater.org/

Related Products

ELE721 eyeBall QUAD 7x12w LEDs

A powerful fixture in a compact body, the elektraLite eyeBall is ready to solve your solutions both big and small. More than a stage and cyc wash fixture, the elektraLite eyeBall can also be used as a truss warmer or a shin kicker just as easily and effectively.

Impressive light output delivers incredible fluorescence at distances of more than 75 feet. Able to fit in tight spaces, and designed with a low profile for low ceiling applications, the eyeBall is ideally suited for integration into existing spaces and minimal space requirements for new projects. In addition to its small size, at less than five pounds the eyeBall is lightweight, allowing for more fixtures to be hung in a given space. With a convenient and compact strong double‐yoke, mounting options are limitless.

A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, including RGB, strobe, and console‐free master/slave operation. Plug‐and‐play functionality is built right in! The eyeBall has both power in and thru for easy “daisy chaining”, and includes an interconnect jumper cable. The DMX connectors (both in and thru) are 5‐pin XLR, however 3>5 pin and 5>3 pin turnarounds are provided for maximum flexibility.

LXE700 Spot
LXE700 Spot

ELE 647 LXE 700 Spot
MSR700w Lamp Moving Yoke Spot

The LXE 700 Spot represents a huge step forward for elektraLite being the brightest spot fixture they have produced to date.
Equipped with both full CMY mixing and an additional color wheel, the fixture is able to produce both subtle shades and strong saturated colors. An electronic stepped zoom, offering beam angles of 24º, 28º and 35º, two indexable rotating gobo wheels, plus an effect wheel further expand the possibilities.

Pancake RGBW
Pancake RGBW

ELE713 Pancake RGBW
108-3W RGBW single source LEDs, Moving Yoke

Pancake QUAD
Pancake QUAD

ELE714 Pancake QUAD
36-12W Quad LED Moving Yoke


ELE718 eyeKandy
200w LED Moving Head Profile Spot and Wash Combo

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